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We at Garage Door Springs Companies in Elk Grove, Ca have been helping hundreds of customers with repairs on their garage doors. We have been installing garage doors and doing all of the necessary repairs on them for years. One of the repairs that we take great joy in is helping the people of Elk Grove, Ca with their broken spring repair and doing a replacement on these springs.Garage Door Springs

Garage doors are not easy to fix and this is especially true for springs. A lot of garage doors have a torsion spring. There are two of them on each door. These springs usually last for about ten thousand cycles before they break. So if one has broke; then you can be guaranteed that the other will be breaking very soon, so the best thing that you can do is do a broken spring replacement on both springs at the same time.

These torsion springs that are making your garage doors go up and down or the ones that use or the ones that extension springs are dangerous for a homeowner to change themselves. They can cause harm if they are not replaced by a trained professional. We can do the job for you quickly and safely.

Think about it: When you are changing springs on a garage door it requires the right tools, which most people do not have. If you do not take the springs off just right; then they can spring out and do serious harm to someone. There is also the danger of you having to have people there to hold up the door so you are putting others in danger also. This is also a task that can take a couple hours to complete. So why not allow “professionals” to come to your house and replace the springs for you.

They will replace the torsion springs or the extension springs in a safe professional manner. They will check them and make sure they are well greased and will work perfect for you for the next 10,000 cycles and they will do all of this while you relax on the couch.

Call us and let our professionals take the worry away from you. Let them make your garage doors safe again for you and your family.

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