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One local business you want to take note of if you are a homeowner is Garage Door Repair Elk Grove.  Don't overlook your garage door.  Make it a focal point of you home that is always reliable.Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Repair Elk Grove is the business you can count on when it comes to your garage door.  We specialize in everything related to your garage door.  We have the largest choice of garage door brands.  We have the technicians to install whatever garage door you desire.  We offer maintenance plans that will help your garage door stay in perfect working order.  We also are able to repair any garage door part that you may be having difficulty with.

Quality garage door opener

In Elk Grove a good garage door should have a quality garage door opener.  There are many brands when it comes to garage door openers.  Two opener brands you may be familiar with are Genie and Liftmaster.  Genie has been making garage door openers since 1923.  They have a long standing history of quality and innovation.  Liftmaster has been in the garage door opener business for over a hundred years.  A lot of the technology used by other opener brands was developed by Liftmaster.  At Garage Door Repair Elk Grove we carry both these well known brands.

We also have the largest choice in Elk Grove of other lesser known opener brands.  Craftsman and Sears are well known when it comes to home improvement and they are very much in the business of quality when it comes to garage door openers.  Two other brands that you may want to consider are Marantec and Chamberlain. At Garage Door Repair Elk Grove we can help you wade through the opener brands and help you decide which one is right for your garage door and your budget.

Besides selecting a garage door opener brand you need to select from three opener types.  Each of the three have much to offer so let our sales staff help you choose the right one for your door.  The screw drive is a very popular type of opener.  It is best suited for heavier steel and wood doors.  It works very well in very cold or very hot temperatures.  Another opener type that works well with heavier doors is the chain drive.  This is the more traditional type of opener that you may be familiar with.  Finally, for lighter aluminum garage doors and a quite, smooth mode of operation there is the belt drive.  No matter which one of the opener types you choose you can rest assured that the technicians at Garage Door Repair Elk Grove have the knowledge to install, maintain, and repair them all.

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