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Garage Door Repair

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Being successful with a garage door company is all about exceeding the expectations of your customers by providing a variety of garage door services to fit their every need.  At Garage door repair Elk Grove we are dedicated to doing just that.  One of the top services you have to offer to your customers if for garage door repair.  A garage door that will not open for whatever reason can cause a lot of trouble for a resident not to mention the safety and security issues involved.  Our garage door contractor in Elk Grove offers genuine solutions to repair problems.Garage Door Repair

Emergency repair service 

Our Elk Grove Garage Door Repair Company provides emergency repair service for the residents of the community.  That delivers peace of mind to many people.  Our customers know that if the door off track we will put it back on track in a hurry.  They know that we will fix that broken emergency release so their garage door is safer from accidents.  Our techs can replace section of garage door and save you the cost of installing a new one.  Our techs are trained to address any garage door repair you need and they are standing by to help you right now.

Garage door springs tend to get loose or break over extended use and time.  Normal springs may last a decade or so with care; but galvanized garage door springs can last a lifetime.  The springs come in pairs and if one breaks you might as well replace both of them just like the break pads on your vehicle.  If your springs break your door will not only be unable to operate but could make your door a safety hazard.  This is not a DIY project.  Only professionals like our techs at Garage Door Repair Elk Grove should work on the Torsion spring or Extension spring.  These springs have to be wound to specification and the tension on these springs can be deadly.  Our broken spring repair/replacement service is designed for your safety.

The garage door opener may be the most desired product in the garage door operation.  Nobody wants to open and close the garage door by hand each time they use it.  Our techs at our garage door company in Elk Grove offers a full array of repair, replacement, installation and garage door opener troubleshooting services.  You can choose your opener with the drive motor of your taste.  If your bedroom is next to the garage we recommend the belt drive because it is very quiet.  If that is not in your budget then the screw drive, which makes some noise; would work as well.  If you want to go as cheap as possible the chain drive is the way to go.  It is noisy but it will work.  We offer excellent brand name garage door openers like:

*   Sears garage door opener

*   Craftsman garage door opener

*   Marantec garage door opener

*   Chamberlain garage door opener

*   Genie garage door opener

*   Liftmaster garage door opener

What would a garage door opener be without a great garage door remote?  We offer garage door remotes from:

    Genie intellicode – uses rolling code technology to protect you from code theft
    Liftmaster Security Plus – rolling code technology changes the code with each use
    Clicker – the universal remote will be compatible with most openers
    Multi Code – allows you to open both garage doors at the same time

Our professionals at our Garage Door Service in Elk Grove can do this better for you.

Too many residents forget all about garage door maintenance & adjustment services.  It is easy to do when we get caught up in work and play.  At Garage Door Repair Elk Grove we can take care of the preventive maintenance for you.  Our regularly schedules lubrication service we provide will assist in extending the life of your door.  Let our professional tech help you today.

Garage door replacement & installation is another vital service we offer. We can replace garage door windows and doors very quickly.  We offer a wide choice of materials like wood, aluminum, steel and glass.  A new garage door can really improve your curb appeal in the neighborhood.  Garage doors are heavy and should be handled carefully for safety purposes.  It is important that a professional garage door tech provide this service for you.

Our garage door company/contractor in Elk Grove can take care of your garage door cables & tracks as well.  If your cable snapped we will send a tech out to replace it.  A cable came off the drum is no problem; our tech will fix it quickly and efficiently.  Need us to repair bent garage door track; we can do it the same day you call. 

When cables break or garage door track becomes bent; you should call a professional to offer solutions.  Our professionals are standing by to take your call.

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