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Garage Door Maintenance

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Testing the Springs and Opener

When providing garage door maintenance, our primary task is to check for possible issues. That is why we begin with testing the spring system. Our goal is to find out if it holds the optimal amount of tension for balancing the door. If it doesn’t, count on us to make the required adjustments. Our company checks the work of the opener, the safety sensors and the reversal mechanism with two tests. We are fully prepared to solve any problem on the spot, including replacing faulty sensors. Our service includes testing the opener’s force and adjusting it, if needed.Garage Door Maintenance

Care for the Cables

Rely on us to inspect these components from top to bottom and to identify even the smallest damage such as miniature cuts. This will allow us to replace a damaged or frayed cable before it breaks and leaves your overhead door jammed. By applying a bit of lubricant to the sections at the bottom bracket buttons, the strong cables will work smoothly.

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